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Pinterest Releases New Transparency Report

Pinterest has officially rolled out it’s new Transparency Report, which is an outline of all the content removals and enforcement actions that the company has taken over the course of the first half of 2022.

You can take a look at some of the significant shifts below:


Here are some notes, via Social Media Today:

  • Removals for adult sexual services were way up in Q1 2022, but then normalized in Q2. Why? Pinterest says that this was due to ’hybrid deactivation of a small handful of images, which account for almost two-thirds of Pins deactivated in Q1 for violating this policy’.
  • Child sexual exploitation removals were way up in Q2 2022. Pinterest says that this was due to an update in its detection systems
  • Conspiracy theory removals are way down, due to a mass clean-up in 2021
  • Dangerous goods removals also way down – also following a ‘sweeping clean-up’ in 2021
  • Graphic violence and threat removals are up this year – ’in part because of the content related to the war in Ukraine.’
  • Medical Misinformation removals way up in Q2 2022
  • Self-injury and harmful behavior removals are way, way up as a result of Pinterest’s ongoing work to improve its detection and reporting processes
  • Spam and harassment relatively steady, with seasonal peaks

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